St. Anne's alter.

Our Story

The Episcopal Church came to McPherson in the late 1800s when the Church of Faith was established, with Rev. Lee conducting services beginning Nov. 7, 1880. As the church had no permanent home, services were held at various locations in McPherson including the Methodist Church, the Baptist Church, the Congregational Church, a furniture/funeral parlor, the Legion Room, the Puritan Café and the YMCA.

The 1930s brought a change of name for the church to Trinity Church Mission. To accommodate the growth of the congregation, a small wooden schoolhouse was purchased from Saline County in 1942 and moved to the corner of South Walnut and West Elizabeth streets in McPherson in 1943. The church was renamed St. Anne’s Episcopal Mission and dedicated April 9-10, 1945.

By 1977, St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, as it was now called, had outgrown its current building. The building was sold to the Seventh Day Adventists, and St. Anne’s purchased the former Presbyterian Church Education Building.

In its new location at South Main and Sutherland streets, the congregation of St Anne’s again grew and it became necessary to remodel the building in the early 1980s. The ceiling was removed and a pitched roof was added. Interior walls were moved, the entry was reoriented and a custom-made altar, credence table and communion rail were installed. Seating capacity was doubled with this renovation.

During the 1990s, nine stained glass windows replaced the clear windowpanes in the nave, and a five-rank Reuter pipe organ was purchased and installed. In 2005, an elevator was installed to provide access to the undercroft for everyone.

St. Anne’s outreach to the McPherson community, the Diocese of Western Kansas and the world has changed and grown also. Lay ministers have conducted services for area churches without resident clergy. Members of St. Anne’s provide prison and hospital ministry, help with the CUM Save N Share Shop, provide assistance and office space to St. Francis Community Services and Roosevelt Elementary School. Our youth and many adults have made mission trips to Oregon, Honduras, Uganda and New Orleans. People in West Virginia, Venezuela and Uganda have clothes, shoes, dolls, eyeglasses and solar panels thanks to the outreach of St. Anne’s.

Past Clergy

List is incomplete

  1. Rev. Lee
  2. Rev. Gordon W. Weerman
  3. Rev. Richard K. Nale
  4. Rev. Owen Lloyd
  5. Rev. William Anthony
  6. Rev. E. Judson Wagg Jr.
  7. Rev. Richard A. Feallock
  8. Rev. Fred L. Meyer
  9. Rev. Joseph A. Bayles
  10. Rev. Willys E. Neustrom
  11. Rev. Allan R. Madden
  12. Ven. Ben Helmer
  13. Rev. A. Morgan Hickenlooper
  14. Rev. Eric Muehleisen
  15. Rev. Michael Bernard
  16. Rev. Cannon Charles Schneider
  17. Rev. Laird MacGregor
  18. Rev. Basil Price